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Phone Number: +256 787346259
Date of Birth: 13/08/1993
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Salary Expectation: UGX800,000
Driving Permit: Yes
Personal Statement:

I am highly knowledgeable, organized and adaptable with working experience in project planning and management with a wider knowledge in monitoring and Evaluation. My attention to details and excellent time management skills mean that every task is completed efficiently and to the highest possible standard. I have a calm and patient disposition meaning that I am able to work effectively under pressure and focus on the task at hand; I work well in teams, but also independently to meet challenges of a fast paced environment provided data entry and administrative support to large departments. I am accurate and have fast keying skills with sound knowledge of computer applications. I have proven ability to collecting and managing information efficiently and accurately. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills with a strong desire to work hard and perform well. I look forward to make a significant contribution to an institution that offers a genuine opportunity for progression



Post graduate diploma in monitoring and Evaluation at Uganda management institute

Post graduate diploma in monitoring and Evaluation



Project Assistant at Project planning and Management

Duties and responsibilities: ●Prepared and submitted project narrative reports highlighting the outcomes of activities and results as outlined in the agreed proposal results framework, logic model. ●Drafted/prepared various quarterly, monthly and weekly activity work plans, budgets, concept notes and memos which helped in the project procurement process this ensured that all materials and equipment’s are available in a timely manner. ●Participated in team decision making processes including but not limited to planning and review meetings, staff meetings and others events that aimed at promoting the project and organizational agenda. ●Organized regular engagements/meetings/dialogues for stakeholders at local and national level to dialogue on key policy issues related to promoting the project agenda ●Participated in all projects related events aiming at promoting the project agenda in various platforms. ●Conducted budget tracking on the use and management of project funds to ascertain proper utilization of the funds to meet the project goal and objectives. ●Spear headed the data collection through inter wing the key informants which helped to identify households which were most vulnerable to child trafficking due to food insecurity. ●Conducted peer learning field visits amongst the model farmers which increased on their sensitization on how to promote food and nutrition security in their homes. ●Organized logistics for different meetings, workshops, conferences and others. ●Coordinated various project tasks with various subcontractors for example radio program and spot messages and other resource persons who conducted various farmer trainings which aimed at promoting the project agenda. ●Developed and coordinated the development of tools for training farmers in relation to building community resilience to hunger, mapping tools which were used to collect data to the most vulnerable project beneficiaries. ●Conducted quarterly monitoring field visits in the project areas which helped to identify challenges and areas that needed improvement this included writing field reports. ●Developed project publications including policy briefs and analytical papers that aimed at enhancing awareness and access to information regarding the project. Participated in field accountability purposes like filing transport receipts, fuel receipts, hotel receipts


  • Project planning and management M&E especially tools and framework, results framework, logic models, data analysis and management etc Team building; mobilizing others, cooperation and good interpersonal skills Preparing/drafting budgets, work plans, contracts, mapping tools and TORS Report writing; field reports, narrative reports and final project reports Data collection and management skills Computer skills


English, Runyooro, Rutooro, Luganda English, Runyooro, Rutooro, LugandaEnglish


Lucky Brian Wamboka

Food Rights Alliance

Programs Officer – Natural Resources


  • Development Studies, Management, NGOs, Programme Managing, Project Planning
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