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Phone Number: 0705938060
Date of Birth: 05/04/1976
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Salary Expectation: BTN 3.5M TO 4M
Driving Permit: Yes
Personal Statement:

I am an enthusiastic, dedicated, self motivated professional with extensive experience in Finance, Administration, Clearing and General Banking Operations. An exceptional leader who is able to develop and motivate others to achieve challenging targets, I can demonstrate a strong ability to manage and develop teams from forming to successful performance, manage projects from conception through to successful completion. A proactive
Individual with a logical approach to challenges, I perform effectively and efficiently with or without pressurized working conditions.



Degree at Nkumba University



January 2016- To date

Manager Central Processing Unit Exim Bank (Uganda) Ltd-Head Office at Exim Bank (Uganda) Ltd-Head Office

1. Clearing Function. • Perform the role of BANK Clearing • Monitoring branch outwards balances and ensure that they are ZERO balances by close of business. • Monitor and ensure that the value caps for BOTH Inwards and Outwards cheques conform to the BOU Clearing House rules and regulation. • Ensure that all transactions relating to Clearing are properly authorized\ handled within the agreed timelines. • Ensure sufficient stocks of all clearing stocks are held to meet day to day operations requirements. • Ensuring that all the clearing reports are done within the agreed timelines as pertains to the Banks policy and procedures. • Authorization of all clearing transactions i.e voucher, inwards\ outwards transactions plus EFTS. • Ensure that ALL Outwards cheques from the Branches are picked and delivered to clearing within the agreed time limits and are properly input into the Banks core system. • Ensure that BOTH inwards\ outwards EFTS are properly processed in line with the BOU rules and procedure 2. Accounts opening Function • Ensuring that all the customers opened accounts have been properly processed and all details captured into the core banking system. • Ensure that the KYC is fully done before an account is fully opened and the TOT is adhered to. 3. RTGs Transactions authorization.

January 2012- 2015

Branch Operations Manager at Imperial Bank (U) LTD

Cash Management: • Perform the role of vault custodian • Monitor vault and ATM balances and ensure overall holdings are reported to the Cash Management Officer. • Monitor and ensure that cashiers maintain approved limits and confirm their till holdings against the system/registers. • Handle and confirm cash shipments to and from tellers, branches and Central Bank of Uganda • Ensure that cash transactions relating to Teller/Vault are effected within agreed timelines. • Ensure sufficient stocks of cash and travellers’ cheques stocks are held to meet day to day operations requirements. • Monitoring of Bankers’ Drafts stocks. • Ensure confirmation of Cash lodgments to the vault as per the Bank’s policies and procedures and within agreed timelines. Operational efficiency & effectiveness • Ensure online real-time is observed when processing all transactions and confirm that all processed work is authorized by 1700 Hrs daily. • Ensure cash and in-house cheques and vouchers are approved by the relevant authority. • Ensure locker service is managed efficiently and in accordance with bank procedures. • Ensure suspense accounts are reconciled on a daily basis and any outstanding items are resolved within agreed timelines. • Monitor the ATM service to ensure that it is up and running. • Receive and confirm ATM deposits. • Repatriation and shipment of Foreign Currency Cash, Ensure collection of charges and commissions are per bank tariff structure. • Ensure appropriate approvals on reversals and waivers from the Bank’s income accounts. • Minimization of losses resulting from transaction errors and incidences of differences. • Ensure a clean-desk policy is maintained and adhered to within the secure area at all times. • Preparation of management reports as may be required from time to time within agreed timelines. • Ensure maintenance of registers in the department as per Bank’s policy and procedures. • Dissemination of management information to staff in the Department as may be advised from time to time. • Management of the Branch’s microfilming functions. Customer care: • Promptly respond to customer queries and complaints within the prescribed timelines including escalation of customer related matters where appropriate. • Ensure secure and safe deposit locker areas are tidy and clean and are well maintained at all times. • Manage queues at the Teller line by monitoring the flow of customers in the banking hall and ensure that the Teller-line work is well manned at all times. • Ensure prompt and effective response to customer telephone calls. • Ensure confidentiality handling of customer transactions, interactions and correspondence. • Ensure strict observance of KYC. Security, Controls & Audit: • Ensure restricted access to secure areas to authorized personnel only. • Ensure that vault and other secure areas are armed as per Bank policy. • Ensure that staff in the Department are equipped with the necessary skills to handle security and safety issues vis-a vis hold ups, fire & evacuation etc. • Ensure minimization of false alarms from accidental trigger of alarms. • Respond to audit queries (internal & external) and implement audit recommendations and communicate the same to staff. • Liaise with Security Supervisor on security issues affecting the department. • Ensure bank procedures, controls and policies are adhered to. • Ensure all equipment in the department is in proper working condition at all times. People management: • Ensure the Department’s staff performance targets and their appraisals are done within the agreed timelines. • Oversee the work of casuals in dispatching month end statements. • Develop staff through cross training opportunities and multi-skilling. • Allocate, distribute duties/tasks and provide work guidance to staff. • Ensure all staff in the Department proceeds for their annual leave as scheduled within the calendar year. • Hold regular departmental meetings. • Identify staff training needs. Optimal utilization of Branch resources and revenue recognition • Minimize processing errors by guiding staff in following proper procedures e.g. authentication and confirmation. • Eliminate overtime and related costs by ensuring staff work within official working hours. • Ensure prudent uses of resources by staff so as to avoid wastage e.g. stationary, direct lines, fax etc. • Ensure commissions and charges are collected in accordance with the Bank’s per bank tariff structure or approved concessions.

January 2011- 2012

Branch Operations Manager (DTB)-KIKUUBO Branch at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Vault management and custodianship • Reviewing and authorization of teller vouchers as per policy, procedure and controls by confirming of instructions with account signatories throughout the day • Daily review of the branch GL accounts and important compliance reports and rectifying exceptions in the GL • Supervise tellers and customer care officials to ensure good customer service • Ensure the branch is within its allocated cash holding limits daily • Carrying out of surprise spot checks on tellers • Daily review of items in suspense accounts and reconciliation/ resolution of long outstanding items • Training employees on operational activities of the branch • Interact with Compliance department on various statutory and regulatory compliance • Assist in follow up and implementation of audit findings and ensuring compliance with the bank’s policies and procedures. • Supervise and verify cash count of tellers at the end of the day • Handle customer queries in person and through phone calls • Ensure first flow of queues in the bank • Daily review of all branch GL accounts And important compliance reports, help the branches to rectify exceptions in the GL • Monitor vault and ATM balances and ensure overall holdings are reported to the Cash Management Officer • Handle and confirm cash shipments to and from tellers, branches and Central Bank of Uganda

January 2010- 2011

Manager Centralized Operations (DTB)-MAIN Branch at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Ensuring that all the documentation in relation to the account to be opened are completed as per KYC are attached or included in the file. • Authorization of all the customer’s account that have been entered into the system • Ensuring that all the deposit pending account is reconciled on the daily basis and that the customer’s fund is credited on to their accounts on the daily basis on opening the customer’s account. • Managing all the currier services i.e ensuring that all document from other branches are received stamped and dispatched to the rightful dept and vice versa • Ensuring that the customers’ information is properly in put in the system as has been filled in by the customers without omissions and as per the policy and procedure. • Ensuring all account opened files are properly recorded or registered\ recorded and kept in fire proof cabins for safe custody. • Resolution all the audit queries/ exceptions as pertains the accounts opened. • Ordering of all cheque books and ATM cards according to the account class and product and even on customer request and ensuring that they received by the right beneficiaries on delivery. • Preparation of daily reports of how many accounts that have been opened on a daily basis. • Preparation of management reports as may be required from time to time within agreed timelines. • Conduction of quarterly \ yearly staff appraisals

January 2009- 2010

Supervisor Clearing Department (DTB) at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Authorize all inward and outward clearing cheques, EFTs and other entries effected by the clearing department • Generating reports for overdrawn accounts and sending it to the branches plus picking of the OD cheques for sign off and ensuring that unpaid cheques are sent back to the presenting banks • Verifying that all inward cheques are signed as per mandate and that callbacks are done on all cheques above 1 million • Maintaining and ensuring that all standing orders are correctly effected • Ensuring that all revenue from EFTs, incoming and outgoing are collected • Ensure that the clearing department reports like the balancing proof and OD list are sent on a daily basis • Ensure that both inward and outward cheques are correctly posted and that there are nil balances on the balancing proof • Ensure that DTB is not locked out of the Bank of Uganda clearing session • Ensure that there are nil fines to the bank due to lapses from the clearing department • ensure timely sending of the clearing department voucher to the validation department for validation and ensuring that all raised exceptions if any are handled expeditiously • Sending of SMS messages to customers to advise them that their accounts have been debited using the new system (dmarkmobile) • Offering support to all members of the clearing department members to ensure that they are well positioned to perform their roles exceptionally

January 2008- 2009

Officer Clearing Department (DTB) at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Receiving, recording, processing and presenting outward clearing cheques for collection. • Receiving and reconciling inward cheques in the clearing house • Handling bankers cheques (bank draft) • Receiving, reconciling and posting salaries • Representing the bank in clearing house (central bank) • Preparation of clearing files. • Checking of inward and upward cheques • Handling EFTs debts and credits. • Reconciliation of Nostro accounts • Verifying and authorizing inward cheques • Preparation of clearing monthly reports.

January 2007-2008

Officer Cash Handling (Teller) at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Receiving deposits from customers and cash payment to customers. • Ensuring good customer care. • Cashing drawers cheques drawn on customer accounts • Receiving and processing of URA payment • Balancing the till at the end of day

January 2006-2007

Officer Validation Section at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

• Validations of all transactions processed in the Bank and ensure that they are processed according to prescribed procedures, ruling rates and approved limits are observed. • Recording discrepancies and ensure that rectifications are effected on the same day. • Compiling monthly exception reports.

January 2005-2006

Officer Administration (DTB). at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

1. To prepare and maintain an up to date inventory of all fixed assets and movable company assets in Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited. 2. To put in place in liaison with the Head of Finance and Administration an effective administrative function policy guidelines, which will regulate and stream line all administrative functions as they relate to cost control, procurement procedures and systems 3. To review existing procurement policy and device means and ways of control and the usage of the banks stores, supplies and stationery. 4. To review all existing and all future service/ suppliers contracts to ensure that they are competitive and that the interest of the Bank is not compromised through loss or litigation arising out of non performance of this contracts and device means for regular reviews. 5. To ensure proper usage, maintenance and security of all office equipments, e.g. Photocopier Machines, typesetters, Fax, PC’s, Furniture and fittings. 6. To ensure proper insurance cover for all company properties against any risk such as theft, fire or breakage and the insurance policy are regularly reviewed and renewed on time 7. To supervise and control the usage, maintenance and repairs and servicing of the Bank’s Vehicles and ensuring that parking slots availed by Land lords and street parking for customers 8. To prepare the budget in liaison with the Head of Finance and Administration for the repairs, general maintenance and cleanliness of all company properties as appropriate 9. To ensure that effective systems are introduced and operational in respect of controls of fixed assets, security and various registers for office equipments. 10. To carry out other duties that may be assigned from time to time

2004- 2005

Officer Finance and Administration/ HR Administration at Diamond Trust Bank (u) Ltd

1. Prepare internal invoices as well as receive supplier invoices and statements and ensure that they are bought to the attention of Head / Finance for timely processing. 2. Follow up the Accounts/Administrative Officers at branch and projects offices to ensure that they submit their accountabilities in time. 3. Prepare payment vouchers and ensure that all necessary attachments/supporting documents are obtained before vouchers are presented for approval and authorization HR Administration 1. To develop effective record and database of all pre employment documents like medical examination reports, reference letters and other staff confidential data. 2. To maintain an effective database of all applicants by jobs, professional qualification and ensure that all staff files, records, statistics are updated as far as the HR Policy Manual is concerned. 3. To develop appropriate statistical data regarding staff records and information flow, retrieval and dissemination and other staff payroll information are concerned may be improved. 4. To develop with specific reference to staff welfare such as medical, leave, attendance and salary administration. 5. To plan and organize staff meetings and other staff gatherings.


  • Good communication skills written and verbal, presentation and listening skills. Budget handling skills, skills in dealing with different Suppliers, Good Customer relationship, and excellent Leadership skills.




1. Mr. Mukasa Isaac

Diamond Trust Bank Uganda

Head Branch Operations


Mr. Banyenzaki Emmanuel

Exim Bank Uganda Ltd

Head of Internal Audit


  • Operations Manager
  • Updated 4 years ago

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