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John Paul


Phone Number: 0755661263
Date of Birth: 02/01/1994
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Salary Expectation: 700,000
Driving Permit: No
Personal Statement:

My continued interest in modern technological trends with particular emphasis on research and development has groomed me into a dedicated and computer tech-minded individual with advanced knowledge and skills in Computer Programming, Database Management Systems (DBMS), Accounting software packages, Enterprise Network Administration and Management, Microsoft Office Packages, and Adobe packages. With the great communication, organizational and teamwork skills that I possess coupled with my ability to work under the minimum possible
supervision, I am capable of accomplishing my assigned duties efficiently with minimal effort.


August 2015 - January 2019

Bachelor of Business Computing at Makerere University Business School

Bachelors Degree in Business Computing

2013 -2014

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education at Buddo Secondary School

UACE Certificate


June-2017 to-date

Volunteer IT Technician at Makerere University Business School - ICT Centre

Managing the MUBS ICT Centre’s ICT activities for almost two years now from June 2017 to date in close collaboration with the IT team at MUBS main campus Nakawa and a regional campus of Mbale i.e.;  I successfully connected over 20 newly acquired desktop clients and configured the application server by installing the server operating system, creating a domain and user accounts with password protection on October 2018 in one of the two Labs that I currently monitor and maintain.  I successfully Laid network cables across the walls, terminated them on over 30 wall jacks, and installed five desktop stand-alone computers with all necessary configurations notably Installing windows operating system, creating ICT Centre’s user accounts with password protection and installed basic and other required application software including anti-virus on November 2018 in the second Lab in the newly constructed ICT Centre office building.  Configured the TP-link network switch in the ICT Centre computer Lab at the office block i.e. I configured the hostname, privilege passwords, default gateway and three Virtual LANs (VLAN) and configured all other computer equipment namely two printers, an IP phone two TP link wireless access points in preparation for the ICT Centre team to shift to the new office block on December 2018.  Currently, I provide IT technical support to both the students and the staff like troubleshooting network problems, fixing faulty computers and printers and setting up over 20 laptops at the Lab every Friday for weekly online TOEFL tests.  I Organized Digital Citizen candidate ICDL training at MUBS Mbale regional campus by Providing direct support to the facilitator, new users and relevant personnel dealing with information systems and managed user access to internet and application software to over 100 participants between 8th Feb and 18 Feb 2019.  Currently, I provide technical support for MUBS main campus staff member’s training on usage of Moodle on teaching by providing internet connections, connecting the gigantic flat screen for presentation to the laptop and fixing any other issues that may arise similar to tasks I carried out in August 2017 while the teaching staff where undergoing ICDL training.  Regularly assist staff with online meetings using Skype.  As a part of MUBS ICT Centre government program support team, I successfully reviewed computer statuses and updated operating systems, applications and hardware in at least two secondary school computer Labs under annual maintenance activities funded and supervised by UCC at Rock high school Tororo and Mbale ss in November 2018.  I continue to make MEMO to the ICT Centre director and sometimes to the Database administrator on the status of the equipment, computer usage violations by students’ security threats, vulnerabilities, and proposed solutions.  I have successfully safeguarded computer hardware equipment including over 20 laptops that constantly move out and in of the Centre on daily basis achieving 100% no loss on computer equipment from previous two losses in two months to zero loss from the time of my joining to date.

February-May 2016

Presiding Officer at Uganda Electoral Commission

Safely took custody of all the electoral voting materials that I was entrusted with and organized the polling assistants and agents with any commotion.  Conducted on-job training to polling assistants who forgot their roles and machine operations.  Enforced time management on all polling assistants and voters by conducting simple education and giving words of encouragement.  Successfully compiled and generated all required records in time before submitting results to the returning officer’s desk for over three electoral sessions, including Presidential and Parliamentary, District Council, and local council elections with consistency.


  • An expert on Windows operating systems (XP-Pro, W7, W8, WI0) and desktop applications (MS Office 2003/2007/2010).  Computer hardware repair and maintenance.  Networks and their protocols,(TCP/IP, HTTPS, FTP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP).  Email systems (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus), Microsoft Exchange.  IT Security Tools (Avast Anti-virus, Windows Firewall, Windows Anti-spyware, back-ups)  Telecommunication systems and educational tools(telephone network, the radio broadcasting system, computer networks and the Internet.  Managing busy Schedules and Stress in a Busy IT environment for almost two years.  Database Design and Management. (MySQL, ORACLE).  Website Design, Development and Management (HTML, CSS, PHP ), Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix), .Net).  Project Management (Ms Project)  QuickBooks  Decision Support through Microsoft Excel, Data warehouse (OLAP, Data mining).  Adobe Packages (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator).


English FluentVery Good
Luo(Ludama) NativeExcellent


Mr. Charles Olupot;

Makerere University Business School – ICT Centre



Ms. Mabel Kemigisha;

Makerere University Business School – ICT Centre

Database Administrator


  • Accounting, Data Entry and Management, Information Technology, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Telecom Engineering, Trainer
  • Updated 2 years ago

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