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Currently a student of Makerere University, pursuing a degree program leading to a bachelor’s in industrial organization psychology.
Broad understanding of the psychological work approaches as follows.
• Human resources development and management
I have knowledge to recruit and hire .interview recommend a suitable worker.
Identify the challenge and recommend and implement a solution in an organization
• Accountability at work
I have the ability to trace signs of disloyalty, lack of commitment, focus and other factors which I believe are key to accountability
• Industrial relations psychology
I understand the factors that influence a working environment i.e. conflict and dispute resolution collective bargaining, negotiation
• Experimental design
Today’s world calls advancement each second .here I can test any new option basing on given hypothesis. Creating a base line to adopt new working trends
• Training and development
I can design tools to asses need to train in an effort to continually improve skills of the company’s work force
• Records management
I can provide low cost effective secure solutions to records
• Public administration
I can create frame works of company policies that are in line with public police and interests
• Social and cognitive psychology
I understand how workers thoughts feelings and behaviors can or be influenced by the actual, imagined or impaired presence of others hence able to create solutions we need arises
Also able to study mental functioning, learning ability, memory, reason, conception that all lead to decision making
• Basic statistics
Do have a clear understanding of statistical concepts
• Personal and personality
I do understand personality among individuals and can clearly classify persons in different groups of their personality hence Identify areas of strength or weakness that would play a vital role in their daily work performance

As a Human Resource Manager and part of the senior management team of his former employer, Nicholas worked in conjunction with the MD and other directors in the following areas:
Recruitment of workers
I recruited several employees’ .marketers, sales executives, graphic designers, agents, production managers. The task was not just selecting the right person but also advertising the vacancy, interviewing, selection and training into the roles
Policy and Employee evaluation
I had to revise all policies that were not effective and check if employees were working according to set out work standards .here I found some policies e.g. reporting to work at 7:00am was uncalled for the people in the field hence made adjustment for them to report first to the field but put strict target on daily performance and random checks on them in the field
Development marketing strategy
I took time to study our would be market and identified areas of location and contacts .I sent specific marketers to specific areas .our market was dived into three types of clients high end ,middle ,class low end ,and my marketers were group according to the score of understanding of the classes

Other specialist skills include:
Leadership skill which can in handy in quick decision making because I believe in fast and accurate not slow but sure
Ability to work under pressure .I am able to take on a given task and complete it in the shortest time possible
Ability to motivate other people hence making me an excellent team player



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